12–13 November 2011  •  Uppsala, Sweden

Auto Assembly Europe 2011

More information to come soon!

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Fan sales table

Auto Assembly Europe will have a table connected to the registration desk where you can sell any Transformers-related items. We'll take care of the entire selling process for you, and you can just come and collect your money when you feel like it smile.gif If you have to leave early or for some reason don't want your items to be for sale any more, you can get them back at any time.

In doing this, we will require a small fee of 10% of the price of your sold items. The money from that fee goes directly towards funding the convention itself.

Here is the list of items currently available: http://www.autoassemblyeurope.eu/2011/fansalestable2.php

This is what you get:

* A table where your items are displayed at all times

* Staff members will watch over the table and handle all sales

* Your items will be sold without you having to do any of the work!

* You help fund the convention! smile.gif

This is what we need:

* Email a list of your sale items, along with your full name, a short description of each item and its condition, and your asking price, to bigpete@autoassemblyeurope.eu no later than Thursday, November 10th.

* When you bring the items, they MUST be packaged in clear plastic bags or even better, in ziploc bags. This is to prevent any loose parts or accessories from being lost. Auto Assembly Europe will not take responsibility for any items lost due to inferior packaging!

* Each item MUST be labelled with your selling price and your name, as we will not have the time to label the items ourselves. ALL prices must be in SEK (Swedish Krona) as that is the offical currency used at this year's convention!

The list will be published online and updated every time new items are put on it. This means that you can place pre-orders for any items on the list before the convention! Send an email to bigpete@autoassemblyeurope.eu with your full name and what items on the list you wish to pre-order. Pre-orders must be sent in no later than Thursday, November 10th. Items can then be collected and paid for at any time during the convention! We must ask that all pre-ordered items be collected no later than 18:00 on Saturday, November 12th. After that, they will go back on sale for anyone to buy.

You can also bring items to sell during the weekend, but the same rules about labelling and pricing apply, and your items will have a lesser chance of selling as they will not have been up for pre-order.


* Buying and selling in public at the convention is not allowed. This is what the fan sales table and the dealer tables are for!

* You may sell non-Transformers items such as video games and other toys, but we will under no circumstances allow knock offs at the convention!

* Unsold items that are not collected at the end of the convention will become the property of Auto Assembly Europe to do with as we please.

Uppsala on the map:
(Zoom in for the hotel's location)

Prizes and merchandise sponsored by:

Reprolabels Dairyland Transfan Association & DairyCon Full Metal Hero Hasbro Nordic Auto Assembly Nordic TransFans Association

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